This blog is intended as an encyclopedia of characters, places, events, and other miscellaneous things in Justin Bedard’s Soul Embrace series. Check back every so often for new entries to get your fix on all the lore and tidbits you could hope for.


Soul Embrace is a series of dark fantasy novels with roots in Christian mythology written by Justin Bedard. It is a series inspired by all manner of sources from video games to movies to music, but it mainly stems from its author’s beliefs and the desire to tell a story with them as a key element. The series contains explicit language, sexual themes, and scenes of intense violence, and as such is not suited for anyone under the age of eighteen. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

Current entries in the series include:

Part I: The Fires Rise (Amazon link)

Part II: The Evils of Shinkokira (Amazon link)


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Justin Bedard (September 11th, 1995) is a Canadian author that has lived in southern Ontario his entire life. His primary interest include space, video games, music, and movies of all kinds. In layman’s terms, he’s your basic geek, and he also possesses a strange and somewhat immature sense of humour that may be the result of insanity. No way to tell, really. He likes to be elusive.

He is also the author of Gemini: A Story of Brothers.