“I just wanted to do something important for once in my life…and I thought if it got me killed, so be it. I’d be dying for something bigger than myself.” – Kazuharu expressing his desire to fight Shinkokira

Kazuharu Shizuo is a second-year student at Dai Tenshi High School. While he is initially an innocent bystander, he is eventually roped into the conflict between Nobuyuki Honda and Shinkokira. Suspicions about him arise during The Fires Rise, but he reveals his true motive in The Evils of Shinkokira and as such becomes one of the series’ minor protagonists.


Kazuharu is rather short for his age, standing at 165 cm or 5’5″, though he moves slightly hunched over and as such appears smaller. He wears the traditional uniform of Dai Tenshi High School, and has average hair length as well as a below average physique.


Due to being bullied at a young age, Kazuharu is extremely shy around just about everyone he meets, having trouble speaking even if he doesn’t initiate the conversation. As such, he mainly keeps to himself and has very little in terms of friends. Still, his heart is in the right place and he is willing to go the extra mile to get something important done.



Kazuharu does not speak much of his past because he feels no one cares enough to hear it. What is known is that he has lived in Rengoku all his life and is the only child of Hinoka Tachibana and Hayate Shizuo.

During his middle school years, he was often picked on thanks to his shy demeanor. Chief among his bullies was Kasume Funaki, who tormented him purely because she believed he wouldn’t man up otherwise. As fate would have it, it had the opposite effect and Kazuharu remained nervous around everyone even into his high school years.

The Fires Rise

Sometime prior to Nobuyuki’s involvement in the fight against Shinkokira, Kazuharu is tapped on by Yukina Suzuki to aid her in uncovering more about the cult’s plot. He then makes sporadic appearances throughout the story, appearing in places many think he ought not to be. This behavior naturally lends to some suspicion, with Nobuyuki and company even fearing that he may be a member of Shinkokira. Kasume even accuses him of such a thing when her twin sister Kaori is briefly taken hostage by the cult.

The Evils of Shinkokira

Suspicions about Kazuharu possibly being on the wrong side of the conflict are put to rest when he is revealed to have gone missing. Following a tip regarding vigilante-style murders the previous night, Nobuyuki corners Akeno Sugihara (really Leviathan in disguise) and challenges her to a fight. After defeating her, he forces her to reveal that Kazuharu is being held captive in the Izuna Chapel on the far side of the city. Fighting off a group of Shinkokira grunts that evolved into the Corrupted, the group finds Kazuharu and he reveals his true hand in the plot, joining them from there on out.


Kasume Funaki

Kasume frequently bullied Kazuharu in their younger years to the point of him becoming nearly incapable of socializing. Regardless, he still finds her attractive in some way, and the feeling is somewhat reciprocated if her worry over him being abducted is anything to go off of.

Yukina Suzuki

Yukina is one of the few people to place any proper faith in Kazuharu, tapping on him right away to help combat Shinkokira. The two became proper friends in the process and consider each other valuable partners.


Kazuharu lacks combat skill, but his small frame allows his agility to make up for it. He is a skilled master of espionage, able to sneak in and get the information he needs and in most circumstances get out undetected. Rumor has it that he’s also skilled with a particular firearm, though he hasn’t gotten the chance to use it.


  • Kazuharu is based loosely on Yukinari Sasaki from the manga Girls Bravo, a very weak-willed character who is terrified of women because of childhood trauma.



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