“By My hand, on this night, you rise from the ashes and fly free from your chains.” – God to Delilah, proclaiming His intent to set her free of Hell’s influence

God in Soul Embrace is a supreme being that created the universe and everything that exists within it. He is depicted as an ultimate force of benevolence in direct opposition to Satan, a creation of His that rebelled against Him. He makes His first and so far only appearance toward the end of The Evils of Shinkokira.

As one would expect, He is based on the supreme deity of Abrahamic religions.


God does not physically appear in Soul Embrace, as His true form is stated to be too mighty for mortal beings to comprehend. He instead appears as subtle otherwise unexplained phenomena, speaking through them as avatars.


God is depicted in Soul Embrace as very warm and loving, caring not just for mankind and angels, but even demons though they renounce Him. He is also as one would expect eternally wise and able to offer the soundest of advice, all the while assuring whoever He speaks to that they have a great role to play with the lives He has given them.



God existed before time and will likely exist long after it. Before, there existed nothing but darkness, and for reasons only He knows, God decided to create the very universe all things dwell in. He set to work crafting the stars, planets, and living things upon them, selecting Earth as a primary interest and creating a perfect place upon it known as the Garden of Eden. There, all creatures lived in harmony with one another, and there He created a species in his own image: humans, beginning with Adam and Eve.

Continued backstory under construction…

The Evils of Shinkokira

God makes His first and only appearance in Chapter Eleven. With Shinkokira having been eliminated, Nobuyuki Honda and the succubus Delilah venture to the Church of Izanagi. After Delilah is suddenly taken over by her demonic instincts, Nobuyuki departs to be alone for a short while. Delilah in turn falls into a short burst of self-doubt, broken when she hears a voice calling to her.

God then appears to her, taking the form of a burning sakura bush. The two speak, and while Delilah is initially fearful of Him, He assures her that despite her not being one of His creations, He loves her like one of His own all the same. He informs her of Nobuyuki’s importance to the battle between Heaven and Hell, also stating that she has her own vital role to play as well. Before He departs, He assures her that He will be with her wherever she goes.


As the divine creator of the universe, it goes without saying that God is capable of anything and everything. However, for reasons only He knows, He forbade Himself from directly interfering in the affairs of humans, stating that they had to make their own way and learn to distinguish right from wrong without His aid. Nevertheless, He will still send His angels to help if need be.


“The Burning Bush” from The Prince of Egypt


  • The manner in which God appears before Delilah is the same in which He appears before Moses in the Book of Exodus.

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