“I honestly don’t care whether you two live or die. I’m just following orders.” – Belphegor displaying her indifference to her faction’s cause

Belphegor is a fallen angel governing over the sin of Sloth, making her one of the main antagonists of Soul Embrace. She, along with Leviathan and Mammon, makes her first appearance in The Evils of Shinkokiraand is the sixth archdemon faced and defeated by Nobuyuki Honda. She is loosely based on the mythological demon of the same name.


Belphegor never stands upright, so her height is indeterminable. She is very lanky, having almost no muscle mass to speak of. To hide this, her hair covers her entire body almost like a cloak. Her most notable feature is the bandages covering the upper half of her face, hiding the fact that she has no eyes.


Befitting her role, Belphegor is very laidback and even lazy at times. Under normal circumstances, she will not take action and will instead generate pawns to do so in her stead. Interestingly, she has a strong sense of self-doubt and lingering regret, seemingly longing for peace that she cannot attain.



Belphegor did not hold a position of power in Heaven, though was notable among her peers for her tendency to keep to herself. She could, however, create illusions as a form of petty trickery, and was scolded many times for it. She lamented having to perform mundane and taxing duties during this time, but little did she know that this was all Lucifer needed to consider.

However, Belphegor was more suckered into the great rebellion rather than directly accepting it. She was promised she could live her life the way she wanted, and it was all she needed to take Lucifer’s side. She attempted to do battle with Sealtiel during this time, but the serene one was not swayed by her illusions and easily defeated her. Thus, she and the other fallen ones were cast away into Hell, where she was granted governance over Sloth and instructed to tempt mortal beings into debauchery and laziness to slow their own evolution.

It is known that Belphegor did not enjoy this duty by any means, seeing it as more demanding and even demeaning than anything Heaven could conjure. Growing tired of this, Baal blinded Belphegor to both make an example of her and ensure she would never show such insolence ever again.

The Evils of Shinkokira

An earlier battle with Mammon leaves Nobuyuki Honda heavily wounded, and Belphegor decides then to strike. Waiting until the young man is asleep, she drags him and Delilah into a shadowy dreamscape and begins to work her tricks upon them. However, he is ready for her, and despite a substantial effort, she is defeated just like her kin. Knowing she would be greatly punished for her failure, she asks Nobuyuki to kill her. He instead asks what happened to her eyes, showing her mercy after she tells him and admitting that he pitied her. Moved by this, Belphegor departs,.


Nobuyuki Honda

Initially, Belphegor saw Nobuyuki as a mere nuisance, not wanting to battle him and only doing so because she was ordered to. After he defeats her and yet shows her mercy bordering on kindness, her thoughts on him shift greatly, even admitting to herself that she could see why Delilah would fall for him.


Belphegor tends to avoid interacting with her fellow demons, and perhaps Baal is to blame for it. In retaliation for the lazy one’s insolence, Baal ripped Belphegor’s eyes from their sockets and permanently blinded her. Though it was intended as a deterrent, all it did was enhance Belphegor’s resentment for her kin and regret for leaving Heaven behind.


Belphegor can distort reality and create illusions to attack enemies, preferring not to engage in direct confrontation herself as she has very little in terms of physical strength. Her most notable ability is releasing an aura that can steadily sap away the energy of those near her, rendering them weak and helpless.


Belphegor as depicted in Dictionnaire Infernal by Collin de Plancy (1818)

Belphegor, just like in Soul Embrace, is depicted in mythology as a demon governing over Sloth, with bishop Peter Binsfield suggested he tempted by means of laziness. He is also depicted in other accounts as seducing humans the promise of riches and the power of invention.


“Sadisgate” – Mejibray


  • Belphegor’s name in Hebrew means “Lord of the Gap”.

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