“I pride myself on being somewhat civilized as really pointless as it is sometimes.” – Mammon comparing herself to her kin

Mammon is a fallen angel governing over the sin of Greed, making her one of the primary antagonists of Soul Embrace. She makes her first appearance in The Evils of Shinkokira and is the fifth archdemon fought by Nobuyuki Honda. She is named after the Biblical term referring to Greed, though also shares characteristics with a mythological demon of the same name.


Mammon stands at 185 cm, or about six feet. She appears taller thanks to the suit of golden armor she wears, giving her a somewhat regal appearance enhanced by her long black hair flowing behind her like a cape. Indeed, she is the least demonic-looking of the archdemons.


Mammon masks the typical demonic bloodlust with an air of pompousness, taking great pride in both her abilities and her appearance. In her fight against Nobuyuki, she displays a condescending sort of honor, never truly resorting to verbal attacks like her kin did.

However, the aforementioned bloodlust reveals itself should she ever be pushed too far, and when that happens, she can become very erratic and irrational. Even then, she has a great deal of trouble relying on others to assist her. One could go as far as calling her vainer than the most spoiled of royalty.



Before she became who she is today, Mammon was once the archnagel governing over the virtue of Courage, gifted to her for her valiance and willingness to engage in combat without fear of repercussions. She did, however, still hold inkling of what she was to become, such as a great sense of pride in herself and marveling over things that were beautiful on the outside but in the long run worthless.

It was this vanity that drove Lucifer to recruit her during the great rebellion, though she had far too much trouble following directions under the belief she could handle things on her own. Thus, she was very easily outwitted and defeated, and like so many angels on that day, she was cast into Hell and forced into a new mutated form, with Gabriel taking her place as governor of Courage. The anger she felt for such betrayal was enough for Lucifer to grant her governance over Greed, as well as enough forces to have all the dirty work finished before she would even need to become involved.

The Evils of Shinkokira

With Shinkokira now knowing that Nobuyuki and company are pursuing them with the intentions of eliminating them, they take aggressive measures to dissuade them from going any further with all failing, their stronghold in the Izuna Chapel soon stormed and torn asunder. Thus, they see no other choice but to attempt to trap the group, leading them to an abandoned smelting plant on the far side of Rengoku. It was then that Mammon made her appearance, revealing to have been walking among Dai Tenshi High School’s students in the guise of Mayumi Hayasaki.

With his allies preoccupied with several Shinkokira grunts that had morphed into the Corrupted, Nobuyuki engaged Mammon on his own. Throughout the fight, Mammon became increasingly more erratic the more her opponent provoked her, eventually landing a very gruesome attack that left Nobuyuki temporarily crippled. Nevertheless, the young man persisted and ended the duel by slicing Mammon’s arm off. She claims he and Rengoku won’t survive Devil’s Night, a threat he shrugs off as she flees the scene.


Nobuyuki Honda

Mammon approached her battle with Nobuyuki with the same sort of casual indifference that those before her suffered from,  though shows something akin to a condescending sense of honor when first battling him. This honor is of course a facade, and she reveals a very unhinged nature when Nobuyuki further provokes her.


Though it’s arguable how she would match up against the likes of Uriel, Mammon’s greatest skill is her swordsmanship. She can make use of all sorts of attacks to manipulate and outwit an opponent, helped by the blade she wields being of great make. This blade’s edges can also travel along at great speed, similar to a chainsaw, and she uses this ability to greatly injure Nobuyuki during their battle.

Mammon can also generate additional weapons made out of solid gold, and thanks to her armor, she has great defenses that only those with skill and resources of their own can hope to pierce.


Mammon in Collin de Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal

The word “mammon” was a term used in the New Testament to describe the relentless pursuit of financial gain, specifically in Matthew 6:19 – 24, adding that those who truly followed God had no need for material possessions that ultimately amounted to nothing, for pursuing such things would only lead to ruin.

In some other accounts, particularly during the Middle Ages, Mammon is personified as a literal demon that manipulates humans to value the physically valuable but spiritually worthless. This includes an appearance in John Milton’s Paradise Lost, where Mammon is described as one that values earthly treasure above that which truly matters.


“Am I Evil?” – Diamond Head


  • Mammon is the only archdemon that Nobuyuki faces and defeats without the aid of his allies, albeit just barely.

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