“You’re feisty, Honda. I’d like that if you weren’t such a punk.” – Leviathan prior to her fight with Nobuyuki

Leviathan is a fallen angel governing over the sin of Envy, making her one of the main antagonists of Soul Embrace. She makes her first appearance in The Evils of Shinkokira, and is the fourth archdemon fought by Nobuyuki Honda. She is very loosely based on the mythological monster of the same name.


Leviathan is a rather lanky creature, standing at about 183 cm or 6 feet while weighing less than a hundred pounds. Her skin is very pale as if she’s never seen sunlight, and it is drawn so tight on her skin that her bones can be seen underneath. She is seen scowling so often that one would be forgiven for thinking her face was permanently built that way.

When in combat, several insect-like legs sprout from Baal’s back, as well as a long tail with a snapping jaw at the tip.


In layman’s terms, Leviathan has the personality of a teenager being dragged out of bed in the morning. She is very cynical and arrogant, angry almost all the time with anything that isn’t her and demonstrating an almost sickening level of pride in herself. She has the tendency to demean and degrade her enemies, preferring verbal torture compared to the physical pains delivered by her associates.

Her most damning trait is her belief that she is a good judge of character, though as a result passes judgment on others before she truly understands them. This is a trait she even had as an angel and will likely continue to haunt her until she truly takes a good long look at herself. Underneath this charade, however, she is rather cowardly at the most inconvenient times, with threats upon her life proving very effective in getting information from her.



Leviathan, like most of the archdemons, was once an angel serving under God, though unlike Asmodia or Baal, she was not granted the title of archangel. She was considered for the governance over Wisdom, but God instead granted the role to Jegudiel, who knew better than to pass judgment on someone before truly understanding them. This rejection humiliated Leviathan, and she spent day after day resenting the one who she believes stole her rightful place from her.

Thus, it was no surprise that she joined Lucifer’s rebellion without any second thoughts, yet again she was defeated by Jegudiel, this time with the consequence of exile. Given the governance over Envy upon her arrival in Hell,  she let her hatred and jealousy toward those above continue to fester as she schemed the best way to strike back.

The Evils of Shinkokira

Leviathan debuts in Chapter One, appearing to Akira Hayabusa in a dream after receiving the order to hunt down Nobuyuki Honda. She verbally abuses him for daring to side with her enemy, demanding he think about his own safety and the safety of his sister Chiharu before threatening to murder the latter if he does not accept her ultimatum.

Leviathan then reappears in Chapter Two in disguise as the recently dead Shinkokira member Akeno Sugihara, using her power to inspire envy in the hearts of Dai Tenshi High School’s students. However, Nobuyuki discovers her and challenges her to a battle upon the school’s rooftop. Though she lets her pride get in the way of defending herself, she overwhelms Nobuyuki and is about to finish him off when Akira arrives and begins fighting back. The battle ends with Akira very nearly beating her to death, after which Nobuyuki demands she reveal the location of the missing Kazuharu Shizuo. She does so, and Nobuyuki delivers a cold threat to her before she flees.


Akira Hayabusa

Leviathan made Akira her first target when she appeared on Earth, seeking to manipulate his buried envy and fracture his friendship with Nobuyuki. Thanks to his meek personality and relative weak appearance, she thought very little of him up until they fought, verbally abusing him and making a mockery of him whenever the opportunity struck her. It’s safe to assume now that this callousness has evolved into burning hatred, and this feeling is mutual.


Despite her lanky appearance, Leviathan’s strength is on par with the strongest of humans, even surpassing it in some areas. Her insect appendages allow her to move very quickly, and the tip of her tail has enough power to bite through solid concrete if aimed properly.

Her most notable skill is her ability to manipulate the minds of others, taking any shred of envy within them and inflating it to violent levels. She makes use of this ability during her battle with Nobuyuki and uses several Dai Tenshi students as her pawns.

Though many other demons are likely capable of the same feat, Leviathan can possess the bodies of recently dead, wearing their corpses like costumes and emerging from them like a butterfly would emerge from a cocoon whenever the mood strikes her.


Leviathan depicted as the Hellmouth by Giamoco Rossingnolo (1555)

Leviathan appears in the Hebrew Bible as a giant sea monster, referred to in Isaiah 27:1 as “the torturous serpent” that will be killed at the end of time. In Christianity, Leviathan is never named but is associated with the Hellmouth, a monstrous beast who will consume all the souls of the damned upon the Last Judgment.

Similar to AstarosSoul Embrace’s Leviathan has very little relation to her mythological variant, though German bishop Peter Binsfield classified said variant as a demon representing Envy.


“Wish” – Nine Inch Nails


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