I don’t believe anyone is born evil. Not humans, not even demons.” –Uriel telling Delilah her philosophy of empathy

Saint Uriel is one of the secondary protagonists of Soul Embrace, making her first appearance in The Fires RiseShe is the archangel governing over the virtue of Love, and is loosely based on the Biblical figure of the same name.


Uriel stands at 180 cm in height, or about 5’11”. She has very long white hair that runs down to her hips, as well as two large swan-like wings coming out of her back. Her eyes when in a human disguise are an icy blue, changing to a majestic gold when her true form emerges.


Under normal circumstances, Uriel is as kind and gentle as one would expect her to be. She burns with love for all living things on Earth, particularly human children whom she firmly believes all hold the potential for greatness once they grow up. This even applies to demons, whom she sees are merely lost souls that have the capacity for good if only someone could show them the way.

Despite this gentle appearance, she is also quite witty and won’t hesitate to joke with her friends or opponents if the situation calls for it. As well, should any of her loved ones or any innocent being for that matter be threatened, she will jump to their aid with the fierceness of the warrior she has been bred to be. It also said that should she ever become enraged, it’s truly nightmarish to watch the aftermath…

She also has a great passion for music, skilled with the harp during her days in Heaven and switching to an electric guitar once she took form on Earth.



Uriel was created eons ago as initially a normal cherub, spawning from the same line of energy that created her six brothers. She did not yet hold the duty of governing over Love, which was instead watched over by the angel that would eventually become known as Asmodia. Despite this, she received her signature flaming sword from birth and began to train with it as diligently as she could.

Uriel’s role in quelling Lucifer’s rebellion isn’t clear at the moment, but it is known that she defended and rescued many of her fellow angels from the treacherous ones, including her youngest brother Gabriel. For her deeds, she was given the governing position over Love and had her strength greatly boosted as a result.

Much time passed, eventually leading to the twenty-first century. God brought five of the seven archangels together, including Uriel, and ordered them to descend to Earth and seek out what He referred to as humanity’s greatest hope against the fallen ones. This hope was a boy named Nobuyuki Honda, and the five angels set to work on searching for him.

Uriel in particular took the guise of a rock musician named Yuri Romansu to better blend in with human society. Though she toured around the world and uplifted the spirits of many, she found no trace of Nobuyuki. At least not until many years later when the demons made their next move…

The Fires Rise

Uriel first appears in her rocker persona Yuri Romansu, holding a free show for the city of Rengoku upon arriving and seeing how despaired and fearful they were with the arrival of the evil Shinkokira.

Nobuyuki and his allies appeared at the show at Gabriel’s request, and shortly afterward, the archdemon Astaros appeared and engaged the young samurai in combat. Uriel then revealed her true form and assisted Nobuyuki in defeating the great beast, pledging her support to him afterwards and offering to train him for the battles to come.



Uriel treats Gabriel very much like a human girl would treat her own younger brother, teasing him constantly and giving him much unwanted attention. She insists that she does so only out of her love for him, and he readily believes it. However, she is far too protective of him in most circumstances and won’t allow him to do anything she deems out of his league, much to his chagrin.

Nobuyuki Honda

Uriel firmly believes that Nobuyuki does have the capacity to be one of the greatest warriors in human history and is happy to train him for any battles later in his life. That said, she fears that he is still in a very vulnerable state, not knowing his true purpose in life at the moment as well as holding on as tight as he can to those he loves. While she finds that last part admirable, she fears what he may become should he lose anyone close to him.


As an angel, Uriel has incredible strength and endurance, far surpassing that of a normal human or average demon. She doesn’t match Gabriel’s speed by any means, but thanks to her expert swordsmanship, she has no problem letting her opponent approach her rather than pursuing them herself.

Her sword in particular is something fascinating all its own. It is constructed of flames burning a bright blue, and she has the ability to split it apart and use each piece as a fiery projectile. In addition, if she builds up enough energy, she is capable of reversing the flow of portals to the underworld and sending any would-be escapees back through before sealing it.


St. Uriel- St John’s Church, Boreham.jpg
Mosaic of St. Uriel by James Powell and Sons (1887)

Uriel appears prominently in many sects of Jewish mythology as well as some sects of Christian mythology, depicted as angel of repentance and is sometimes seen as a patron of the Arts. This Uriel appears to lead Abraham safely to the east, as well as checking the doors for lamb’s blood prior to the final plague of Egypt. Indeed, this Uriel is depicted as being both caring, but stern and occasionally ruthless at the same time.

As with Asmodia, Uriel is usually depicted as male.


  • Uriel’s name when translated from Hebrew means “God is my light”.
  • The archangels are given nicknames based on birds reflective of their personality and abilities. For her gracefulness and beauty, yet fierceness should her loved ones come into harm, Uriel is known as the Swan.
  • Despite her soft appearance even when in human attire, Uriel (as Yuri Romansu) greatly enjoys metal and has even written a few songs in the death metal genre. Her favourite band is In Flames, with her favourite song by them being “Deliver Us”.



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