“Are they seriously just gonna keep beating on each other like this every single month? How are neither of them lobotomized yet?” – Kasume referencing Nobuyuki and Ryuuji’s monthly brawls

Kasume Funaki is a second-year student at Dai Tenshi High School and is one of the secondary protagonists of Soul Embrace. Like her twin sister Kaori, she makes her first appearance in The Fires Rise.


Kasume stands at 169 cm, or about 5’6″. In terms of dress, she does a great deal to stand out, almost never wearing the Dai Tenshi student uniform. She also always wears jeans rather than the skirts her sister is more associated with, likely because she doesn’t want lecherous boys getting any funny ideas. She has her hair cut short, coming down to just past her ears with a pink streak or two running through it.


The polar opposite of her sister, Kasume is very unafraid to speak her mind and cares very little how people judge her after she’s spoken from the heart. That said, she is very quick to judge others, though usually will reserve it until she’d gotten a good grasp for how they feel to her.

Unfortunately, this abrasive personality led her to be something akin to a bully in her earlier years, though she considers it attempting to toughen up some of her weaker classmates. Kaori wastes no oppourtunity to call her out on it, however, and nowadays, Kasume can quickly feel ashamed if she’s been judged to have been too mean to someone.



Kasume is one of two daughters born to Michiko Nakamura and Susumu Funaki, the other being her twin sister Kaori. They were born in Osaka, moving to Rengoku when they were about six years old and residing there ever since.

Kasume gained a very quick reputation as a troublemaker what with her constantly getting detention for doing something dangerous to either herself or other students. She was also disliked by many students because of her abrasive nature and constantly judging people before she’d really gotten to know them. Her favourite target was a boy named Kazuharu Shizuo, who was already shy and afraid to talk to people even before she more or less psychologically traumatized him.

About the time the twins entered middle school, their parents informed them that they were receiving a new member of their family. Tsukune Matsuda, a boy they knew from school, had just lost his parents in a horrible car accident, and in their everlasting kindness, the Fuanki family offered to take him in. It was around this time that Kasume stopped bullying other students altogether, realizing how cruel and more or less inhumane she’d been once she saw how badly Tsukune took his parents’ death. Though she didn’t show him anywhere near the amount of attention Kaori did, she still welcomed into their family and considered him something of a turning point in her life.

The Fires Rise

Around the time of Shinkokira’s arrival in Rengoku, Kasume (now sixteen years old) generated a great deal of interest in the cult thanks to noticing Nobuyuki Honda researching them one day at school. It wasn’t until later, however, when Nobuyuki confirmed that there were demons running amok in the city and that Kaori had been attacked by one of them that Kasume got properly involved with the situation. She had a hard time believing it at first, but with the insistence of both her sister and her upperclassman as well as fellow second-year Akira Hayabusa, she relented and started doing everything in her power to help.


Kaori Funaki

Though Kasume is actually younger than her sister by a few minutes, she is still very protective of Kaori and constantly has her well-being to worry about. Upon hearing that she’d been attacked by a demon (after she’d been properly convinced, of course), Kasume wasted no time in joining Nobuyuki’s cause to at least find some way to ensure it didn’t happen to anyone else.

Nobuyuki Honda

Kasume has a great deal of respect for Nobuyuki, mainly for his willingness to help others. Thus, she had no qualms about joining his excursion against Shinkokira after she’d been convinced of what had been going on.

Kazuharu Shizuo

Kasume considers Kazuharu to be very weak and lacking the right amount of social skills to survive in the world. As a result, she bullied him quite often in elementary school, though never let it go beyond mild name-calling and the occasional shove. Despite that, she finds it difficult to say she dislikes him, for he never has anything negative to say about her despite getting every oppourtunity to do so.

Perhaps it’s for a reason he’d rather not say…or perhaps he is hiding his aggression to unleash it later.


Though she had no prior combat experience before Shinkokira’s arrival, Kasume still studied karate in her spare time to keep herself in shape. Thus, she has no problem beating a few low-level demons into submission if that’s what it takes. Still, Ryuuji Hasashi is was better to have some sort of weapon, and so gave her a sledgehammer that she uses rather effectively. She also has a fascination with guns that she doesn’t really let on to.


  • Kasume’s given name means “from the mist” in Japanese. Odd considering she lacks the subtlety such a phrase would imply.
  • Kasume’s favourite movie is Mad Max: Fury Road.

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