“Where’s the fun in knocking you off right away? Let’s enjoy ourselves awhile, yes?” –Asmodia verbalizing her sadism during her battle with Nobuyuki

Asmodia is a fallen angel governing over the sin of Lust and is the first archdemon encountered by Nobuyuki Honda. As such, she is one of the primary antagonists of Soul Embrace. She is also the creator of all lust-based demons, including succubi like Delilah, and is loosely based off the mythological figure of the same name (albeit gender-swapped).


What Asmodia looked like as an angel has been lost and forgotten to time, though she at least retains much of her former beauty. She stands at about 178 cm, or 5’10”. Her hair is a deep red, hanging down over her otherwise naked body like a cloak. She has two fleshy wings that resemble those of a butterfly, but her deadliest feature is her long tail resembling that of a scorpion.


Pure sadism is a recurring trait amongst many demons, and Asmodia is no exception. She takes great pleasure in torturing those she targets, reveling in their screams of pain and horror and ensuring that even if they survive, they will be damaged for the rest of their lives. However, there is a great deal of masochism as well. Many times she has faced those who had the belief they could defeat her, and on occasion, she simply allows them to strike her as if somehow aroused by it.

Yet also like other demons, Asmodia is very quick to anger, not helped by an extreme level of vanity that even the greediest of humans would be appalled by. Indeed, though she has great power, she has the mind of a spoiled child.


Like the other archdemons (save Astaros), Asmodia once stood amongst the angels as one of the most powerful of their kind, even securing a place as the governess over Love (a duty later given to Uriel). Though she did her duty with grace, she felt a more perverse drive that focused her only on the body’s physical pleasures.

Her exact role in the climactic rebellion spurred by Lucifer has yet to be revealed, but when the battle was over, Asmodia and the rest of the angels who had turned against their own kind were cast into the flaming abyss that would soon be known as Hell. There, they swore to have their eventual revenge against their Creator and the pitiful creatures he’d given the Earth to. Taking new and terrible forms, these fallen angels set to work on creating a new breed of immortal being that would take the world by storm when their mighty ruler regained her true power.

Asmodia in particular crafted two species that would act upon their carnal urges the same way she did, luring their victims into one last piece of paradise before bringing them to a grizzly doom. Those two species were the succubi and the incubi.

The Fires Rise

After Delilah, the lamia Shiiva, and the vampire Lucarde all failed to kill Nobuyuki, Asmodia decided to take matters into her own hands, though still remained unaware of why he was so important. Using Kaori Funaki as bait (as well as personal pleasure), she pulled Nobuyuki into a nightmarish version of Dai Tenshi High School. She became furious upon seeing the Embraced Sigil upon his chest, realizing that Delilah had not just failed but betrayed her cause as well.

Thus, she and Nobuyuki battled, and to the archdemon’s surprise, her strength was not enough, Nobuyuki impaling her with her own tail and forcing her to retreat.

Continued history under construction…


Nobuyuki Honda

Like the other demons who let their pride go to their heads, Asmodia initially saw Nobuyuki as nothing more than another human. A very attractive one, certainly, but a mere human nonetheless. Thus, she thought nothing of battling him and figured it would be over in a matter of moments. To her humiliation, not only did the fight last far longer, but Nobuyuki emerged the victor, gravely wounding both her body and her spirit (the latter perhaps beyond full repair). As such, she now holds a strong grudge against him that she can only scream in fury about until the opportunity comes to strike again.


Though Asmodia is technically Delilah’s mother, she thinks very little of her, much like most other demons. To her, Delilah is another pawn in a gruesome chess game. Only when the succubus formed a Soul Embrace did the archdemon truly pay close attention. This sort of treachery infuriated her at first, though she is willing to let it go for the time being, for if Delilah thought she could get away from her past so easily, she was in for a very nasty surprise.


Asmodia’s full history with Gabriel has yet to be revealed, but the archangel verbalizes his strong dislike of her after he reveals himself to Nobuyuki. It’s believed the two encountered and fought one another during the War for Heaven, but what exactly happened is unknown.

Kaori Funaki

Prior to Nobuyuki appearing to face her, Asmodia indulged herself a bit with Kaori, and as such, the young human fears and loathes her beyond measure. The ball was in Kaori’s court, however, for this event motivated her to join forces with Nobuyuki and find a way to drive back the dark forces once and for all.


Like her creations, Asmodia has the capacity to enter the dreams of her victims, though she does not need to be anywhere near them for it to work. She needs only close her eyes and imagine who she seeks to look into their mind and exploit their deepest fears, helped by her being able to manipulate even the most innocent of dreamscapes into horrific night terrors.

Physically, she is very resistant to pain and even gains some arousal from it. That said, she is still much stronger than the average human, able to lift even a fully grown one off the ground with one hand. Her one true weapon is her tail, the stinger filled with a toxin that inflames the victim’s nervous system. Thus, even the slightest touch will send waves of intense pain through their body.


Asmodeus in Collin de Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal

Asmodia is based loosely on Asmodeus, one demon among many others that humans worshipped as false gods in certain religious texts, several of them governing over the Seven Deadly Sins. Asmodeus governs over the sin of Lust, and is responsible for twisting human sexual desires. Those who fall prey to this manipulation will be sentenced to an eternity in the second circle of Hell.

Asmodeus is usually depicted as male.


“Never Surrender” – Combichrist


  • Though Asmodia has gained a great resistance to pain, it is believed she learned these traits from a fellow demon that had sworn her services to her. This demon’s identity is currently unknown, but it is said she too harbours a great interest in Nobuyuki Honda.

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