“If I’m not here tomorrow, promise you won’t forget me.” –Delilah’s request to Nobuyuki on the night of their first meeting.

Delilah is the main female protagonist of Soul Embrace. She is a succubus of indeterminate age, having met Nobuyuki Honda early in his life with their meeting serving as the catalyst for the entire series.


Delilah stands at about 180 cm, or 5’11”. She has very long silver hair that runs down to her lower back, usually keeping it in a bushy ponytail. As a succubus, she has two very large wings like those of a bat, as well as two horns curving along her head. In addition, her constant abuse by other demons during her time in Hell has left numerous scars and burns on her body, though she is able to hide these from view along with her wings and horns to appear more human.

She also likes to tease Nobuyuki by wearing his reading glasses to look cute, though in her defense, he no longer needs them.


Delilah is unique in that she never saw humans as negatively as the rest of her kind did, always excited to venture upon Earth and see the fascinating things mankind has created. Her curiosity lends to some naivete, but she can be very informative when the time calls for it. It also lends to great excitement at all manner of things, escalated when Nobuyuki sat her down with a boxset of Dragon Ball Z to keep her busy while he went to school. Since then, Delilah has embraced otaku culture and and has become a rabid fan of anime, manga, and video games of all kinds.

Despite being a demon, Delilah is very kind and loving to Nobuyuki and his friends (though warming up to Gabriel and Uriel took a bit of time), willing to help them whenever possible and offer a shoulder to cry on so long as they can do the same for her. Befitting her species, though, she is very flirty and has no qualms about showing herself off nor getting a little too close for comfort to her friends (usually Nobuyuki).



Delilah’s age can not be accurately determined, though it is safe to say she is a few hundred years old at the very least. Having always demonstrated an interest in humans beyond exploiting and slaughtering them brought much ire from her fellow demons and earned her a reputation of being weak. As such, they had no problem punishing her in every way they desired whether calling her useless or pathetic or physically tormenting her every time she made a mistake. Whiplashes, bites that drew blood, and even burns from branding irons were carved into her skin to make her look like the canvas of the world’s most sadistic painter, but even still, she remained as innocent as she ever hoped to be.

Delilah regularly ventured out into the human world to see all it had to offer, seducing young men from around the world in her long life but always looking for something just a little bit more. Something that could perhaps make this infinite life of hers just a little more meaningful. Then came a time where she at last found it when she ventured to Japan and came across a sleeping young boy. Upon entering his dreams, she was obstructed by Lilith, the last person she hoped to encounter during her earthly visits. When asked who the boy would prefer to spend the night with, he chose Delilah without any hesitation. Though it led to a violent and jealous display  from Lilith, in that moment, Delilah couldn’t have been happier as the boy demonstrated such a selfless and loving act for someone who’d never known such kindness in all her life.

And thus, Delilah and the boy (who stated his name as Nobuyuki Honda) spent the night together, the succubus asking him to always keep her in his thoughts if she wasn’t there the next morning. He promised, and to his dismay, there was no trace of her once the sun began to rise.

The Fires Rise

What happened between Delilah’s first meeting with Nobuyuki and the main events of Soul Embrace is unknown. All that is known is that when she finally returned, having been given the mission to “finish” Nobuyuki, she had no memory of him. A brief scuffle in the Honda household led to Nobuyuki (now seventeen years old) remembering her. This confused her just enough that she left without quarrel and spent the next few days wandering Rengoku, pondering how he knew her and why he seemed at least a little bit familiar to her.

Regardless, a strong desire to see him again remained, and she returned just in time to impede a battle between Nobuyuki and the vampire Lucarde. With her help, the young man dispatched the hostile demon, and under the threat of execution if she went back to Hell after helping a human kill another demon, Delilah begged Nobuyuki to form a Soul Embrace with her. He accepted without hesitation and the great ritual was performed, binding the two of them together in mind, body, heart, and soul.

Needless to say, Nobuyuki’s parents were quite shocked when they came home that night and found an excitable little demon straddling their son while he tried to get her off of him.


Nobuyuki Honda

Needless to say, Delilah is hopelessly in love with Nobuyuki, especially after forming a Soul Embrace with her and effectively rescuing her from immediate punishment by her former superiors. She is annoyed at all the restrictions he places on her due to his own insecurities, but still abides by them as much as she can and considers the time she spends with him precious. She sees him as her shield on all levels, but at the same time, she feels a fierce drive to protect him as well. If only to repay her lengthy debt to him…

…even if she spends most of her time trying to get him in bed with her.

Akira Hayabusa

Akira and Delilah met when the latter was asked to drop off one of Nobuyuki’s assignments while he was sick, and though Akira found her odd at first, the two became loyal friends. Delilah finds him to be rather cute and considers it a shame that he never interacts much with other women.


Delilah was no stranger to lectures on how angels (or “featherwings”) would destroy demons on sight and were nothing but mindless tools that served God without question. Yet she still found it odd that Gabriel, one of the most powerful angels that ever existed, showed her such kindness and joked around with her quite often. She initially could not bring herself to fully trust him or his sister even at Nobuyuki’s insistence that she was in no danger from them. Even then, she at least acknowledges their importance to their cause and considers them valuable allies even if she’s miles away from befriending them.


As a succubus, Delilah possesses all the distinct benefits it would grant, including flight and the ability to enter the dreams of those she lays next to. She can also morph her wings into thorny tendrils for use in combat or for ensnaring distant objects. Thanks to her Soul Embrace with Nobuyuki, she has gained boosted strength and endurance, as well as the ability to morph her arms into curved blades.


“Empire” – Of Monsters and Men


  • Delilah’s name translates from the Hebrew language as “she who weakened”. She gets her name from the Biblical figure that betrayed Samson to the Philistines in exchange for money. Nobuyuki even asks her if she is the very same Delilah prior to forming a Soul Embrace with her, though she states that she isn’t.
  • Delilah is very loosely modeled after Morrigan Aensland, a succubus character from Capcom’s Darkstalkers series. Delilah finds her very intriguing and even mains her in Marvel vs. Capcom.
  • Delilah’s favourite anime is Dragon Ball Z, with Vegeta being her favourite character. Her least favourite anime is Attack on Titan because she finds the titular monsters too frightening for her to watch it any further than the first episode.
  • Delilah’s favourite video game to play with Nobuyuki is Dance Dance Revolution (she always wins). Her favourite game to play by herself is Bayonetta.

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